3D Cavitation

Advantages of 3D Cavitation

  1. Incredible Instant Slimming Results
  2. Permanently Eliminates Fat Cells
  3. Excellent for Cellulite
  4. Non-Surgical Alternative to Liposuction
  5. Results not dependent on Exercise
  6. Safe with No Discomfort & No Down-time
  7. Excellent Combo with 3D Cryolipolysis
  8. Happy Clients leading to more referrals

What is 3D Cavitation?

3D Cavitation is a fat removal body sculpting technology with no anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no down-time and presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction. The result is instant loss of fat cells.

Cavitation is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound field creates the bubbles in the liquid of the fat cells, which gradually grow, and implode at certain size. The energy in the form of heat (minor effect) and pressure wave (major effect) is released. As the membranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, the effect of cavitation easily breaks them, while sparing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue. The result is instant fat loss.

What Happens to the Released Fat?

After disruption of adipose cells, the fat in the form of triglycerides is released into the interstitial fluid between the cells, where they are enzymatically metabolized to glycerol and free fatty acids. Water soluble glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as the energy source, whereas the insoluble free fatty acids are transported to the liver and processed as fatty acids from food.

How does a client feel during treatment?

The treatment does not require anesthesia. Most of the clients consider the procedure painless and comfortable. There may be, however, a slight discomfort due to the specific noise spreading inside your body, but it poses no harm and disappears as soon as you are not in contact with the applicator. You may also experience a little warmth during the treatment. If it turns burning hot, immediately request some extra ultrasound gel to be applied.

What Makes 3D Cavitation Better?

3D Cavitation is powered by Twin Transducer Technology™. This latest 3D Cavitation technology advancement comprises of  two twin-ultrasound generators within the same treatment hand-piece, each with a corresponding concave or flat treatment surface. Twin Transducer Technology™ creates multiple dissonant treatment waves that are considerably more powerful in combination than previous generations of Cavitation devices, that only have a single flat transducer. 3D Cavitation’s Twin Transducer Technology™ significantly multiplies the Cavitation effect by dramatically enhancing the disruptive power of the fat loss ultrasound energies and gives the most advanced fat removal treatment results available today.

Typical Treatment Areas

  1. Stomach
  2. Love Handles
  3. Thighs
  4. Buttocks
  5. Calves
  6. Bra-line

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